how to install java in windows 10

how to install java in windows 10

Today we are going to learn how to install java in windows 10 64 bits OS. Though we are using Windows 10 64 bits OS, these steps are basically same if you install JAVA in any versions of Windows Operating System.

Step 1:

Search on google jdk for windows 10 64 bits.

jdk for windows 10 64 bits

Step 2:

Then go to the oracle java download page and download windows x64 version. You have to accept terms and conditions before downloading.

jdk for windows 10 64 bits

Steps 3:

It will start downloading. If you are using Google Chrome, just press CTRL+J to go to download page of chrome.

Steps 4:

Now go to the folder where you have saved or downloaded jdk file and double click on that file.

Steps 5:

Press Next.

Steps 6:

Again press Next.

Steps 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

If you want to change destination folder where you want to install Java, then click on change otherwise click on Next

Step 10:

Step 11:

You have successfully installed Java. Click the Close button.

Step 12:

Now go to Command Prompt. Click on Windows Button and then write command prompt or cmd and click on it.

Step 13:

You will see like this.

Step 14:

Just write “java -version” without quotes and press enter. Your java version will be displayed.

Step 15:

Now write “javac -version” without the quotes and press enter.

Step 16:

You will get the below error. For specifying your java compiler path, follow the steps from 17.

Step 17:

Now go to your Java Compiler i.e, javac file folder. If you have not changed your java installation folder, it will be in C:\Program Files\Java\jdk [version]\bin folder. Copy that file location/path.

Steps 18:

Now Right click on This PC or My Computer.

Step 19:

Click on Advanced System Settings from the left hand pane.

Step 20:

Click on the Advanced Tab, Then click on Environment Settings.


Step 21:

Now under the System Variables section, find Path and double click on it or select and click edit button.

Step 22:

Now add the path which you have copied in Step 17 and click OK button.

Step 23:

Now again go to command prompt and write “javac -version” without quotes and press enter.

Step 24:

There you go. It will show the Java Compiler version and you are all set to create your first java program.

So this was our topic on how to install java in windows 10. Please share with everyone.

Avijit Nandi
Alumni of Jadavpur University

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